February 9, 2012

Run stats for Tuesday, 2/9.

Distance: 2.53 km, 1.57 mi.
Duration: 0:16:49
Speed: 9.01 min/km, 5.6 mph
Pace: 6:39 min/km, 10.42 min/mi.
Shoes: Barefoot.
Conditions: after dark, damp cool pavement.

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I got home from work later than usual last night, then had to finish adding chili ingredients to the beans and onions that had been slow-cooking in the crock pot all day. It was late enough that I had to talk myself into running at all. Then I knew it would be wisest to run BEFORE eating chili.

Once I decided to go ahead and run and got my compression “girdle” on, I chose to run on cleaner pavement and jump to 2.5k. I still LIKE smooth, clean pavement! I can’t run on that every day and expect my feet to get conditioned, but an occasional less stimulating run is okay. So, I added about 300 meters and finished 2.5k at a pace quicker than the two earlier runs.

I’m glad I waited until after the run to eat chili. I’m always experimenting and last night’s batch was one of my hottest, spiciest ever.

Until next time, think baby steps.


February 8, 2012

I didn’t run tonight. I wanted to, but I refuse to push my body too far too fast. I did that last year and sidelined myself for a few months. I have not registered for any event so I don’t have a training schedule to keep. I don’t know if or when I might do another official timed event. I want to work up to a 5K then a 10K, but I’m not going to beat myself up if that doesn’t happen this year.

Two summers ago, before I started barefoot running, I was walking 5 to 10 miles a day. I was burning calories and losing weight but my knee was swelling a little. I’m not walking for exercise now, and I’m not running significant distances yet, so I’m not losing the weight I put back on. I hate “exercising,” so I seldom do it. I like to run, so I will keep building my ability to run distances. When summer comes I will have weather conducive to walking, so I will see if I can walk for exercise on the off days without aggravating the knee. In the meantime, I’ve got to change my eating habits. I’ve got to reduce or change what I eat to help offset my lowered metabolism.

I just heard about the paleo, or paleolithic, or “caveman” diet. I will be doing more reading to see if that is something that makes sense to me as a long-term shift in eating habits. I found a blog site at http://www.examiner.com/diet-and-exercise-in-colorado-springs/why-diets-fail with some basic information on the paleo diet, a transition schedule to help avoid all-or-nothing diet burnout, and links to additional paleo diet related information.

So, more baby steps, and maybe food to better baby the body.

February 7, 2012

I hadn’t posted the stats for Monday, 2/6.
Distance: 2.00 km, 1.25 mi.
Duration: 0:15:17
Speed: 7.9 km/h 4.9 mph
Pace: 7.37 min/km, 12:16 min/mi
Shoes: Barefoot
Conditions: Dark, dry, windy, chilly.

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Here are the new stats for Tuesday, 2/7.
Distance: 2.21 km, 1.37 mi.
Duration: 0:15:45
Speed: 8.4 min/km,
Pace: 7.07 min/km, 11.27 min/mi.
Shoes: Barefoot.
Conditions: Dusk, dry, breezy, Cool.

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For those following along, there weren’t supposed to be 2/7 stats. Since my plan is to add 100 meters every other day, resting the foot sole pads on the off days, then a Monday 2.00km run should have been followed by a Wednesday 2/8 2.10km run.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the morning after the 2.0k run, my feet felt as good as they normally do on the second day after a run. So yesterday I decided to test my ability to increase my distance and run after just 24 hours rest. This morning I’m again walking normal.

“Normal” is a relative term for me. Chronic minor Achilles tendonitis (or tendonosis?) and a bit of a miniscus tear in one knee (even after being scoped in 2004) keep me pretty stiff after an hour of inactivity, like sleeping or sitting. A little movement, and acetaminophen on the worst mornings, gets rid of the creaks and pops.

I wondered how I would I would feel the morning after a longer run and shorter rest. Two generic Tylenol, two cups of coffee, a banana and a bowl of granola with skim milk and I’m good to go.

We’ll have to see if I run again tonight or if I use the excuse that I’m only “supposed” to run barefoot every other day while I’m ramping up. I guess I really don’t know when the ramp is supposed to get steeper. Maybe I’m already there. I’m pretty sure age and condition make it different for everybody.

Did I mention my few months of healing and holidays left me ballooned up to 230? No excuses. Start moving. Baby steps. And have fun! If you can’t smile as people stare at your bare feet, you may be doing something wrong.

February 6, 2012

I finally did my 2k barefoot run last night (Monday). Saturday I decided to give my sole fat pads another day to build. Sunday I had to be at church at 7AM; I play  electric bass on our worship team and we had been unable to practice earlier in the week.  After the  morning church services we went to Chang’s Mongolian Grill for lunch. Chang’s has become a Super Bowl Sunday tradition for our family. Then on to my son’s place to watch the game and eat way too many “snacks.” More food after the game and there was no way I was going to attempt to run. At least the game was interesting this year; no lopsided runaway score.

So Monday I was determined to add 100 meters to my previous run and go 2k. It was very dark by the time I got home and took care of a couple important tasks. The wind was blowing pretty hard so instead of shorts and shirt I layered up. I stayed off the highway and ran around our neighborhood loop. The pavement in part if the loop is old, so there is quite a bit of scrabble in the roadway. Being dark I was unable to see and avoid the bits of crushed rock. I completed the 2k, but the pace was significantly slower than previous runs. And more “stimulating” to the soles.

To my pleasant surprise my soles this morning (Tuesday) felt like they normally would the second day. I think the additional sharp pebbles forced me to run more lightly. I shouldn’t have any trouble going 2.1k on Wednesday.

I’ll be happier when the days get longer, but short days and dark afternoons are not an excuse for not running. Just don’t be foolish about where you run.

More baby steps.

February 2, 2012

Run stats:
Distance 1.90 km, 1.18 mi
Duration 0:12:20.
Speed 9.27 km/h, 5.76 mph
Pace 06:28 km/h, 10:24 min/mi
Shoes: Barefoot (birthday shoes)
Conditions: Dusk. Pavement dry and cool.

I had considered waiting another day but decided to go for it. I bumped up from 1.76 km two nights ago to 1.90 km tonight. My pace tonight was significantly slower. I ran less in our lane and more on the highway and a cross street so most of the run was on rougher pavement and about 1/3 of that was slurry seal. That should stimulate those fat pads.

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My calves feel like I expect them to after a mild workout; no pain, a little tight. The Achilles are no worse or better than usual. The soles of my feet are fairly sensitive right now, an hour after the run. No limp, but encouraging me to step lightly. It will be interesting to see how I feel later this evening and tomorrow.

Nothing during the run sent my brain a signal that I was doing too much. I will continue to monitor before deciding if my next run will be Saturday or Super Bowl Sunday.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I have an obscure reason for rooting for the Giants. Living on the west coast, I am not a fan per se of either team. Other things being equal I tend to lean toward AFC teams. But this year I would like to see little brother Eli come completely out from under the shadow of big brother Peyton. I have no real reason for that, either. I guess it’s an underdog or Cinderella thing. If I were consistent on the underdog thing I’d have to root for the Patriots since the Giants are three-point favorites last I heard. So, I hope it’s a good game, I hope the Giants win, and I hope Eli’s stats are better than Tom Brady’s.

January 31, 2012

Run data
Distance: 1.76 km, 1.09 mi
Speed: 9.71 km/h, 6.03 mph
Pace: 06:10 km/h, 9:56 min/mi
Shoes: none
Conditions: Pavement dry and cool.

I’m pretty stoked about tonight’s run. I had only intended to add 200m bumping my distance to 1.6 km. I ran an out-and-back and apparently I waited just a little too long to turn around. I ran just over a mile. Barefoot. That’s my first barefoot mile in a long time and the first since I messed up my Achilles a few months ago.

And it was my first barefoot mile under 10 minutes ever!

Up until tonight I have been running carrying a pair of flip-flops in one hand, my other hand holding a DroidX2 smartphone running a sports tracker app. Tonight I left those “just-in-case” flip-flops at home. My confidence is building. Tonight my feet feel less “stimulated” (irritated) after the run. I started thinking about form and cadence about one minute into the run. At the half-way point I noticed I was running easy and light, not worried about what I might step on. Observant but not concerned. I have to believe all these things contributed to the increase in average speed.

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January 30, 2012

Run data
Distance: 2.02 km, 1.26 mi
Speed: 8.77 km/h, 5.45 mph
Pace: 06:50 km/h, 11:00 min/mi
Shoes: Vibram Fivefingers KSO
Conditions: After dark. Pavement dry and chilly.

I ran in my KSOs last night. It was dark and I wasn’t sure my soles were ready for another barefoot run. Since my feet weren’t naked I figured I’d run a little farther. I was surprised how much slower I ran. That evening and this morning I noticed irritation on the fourth toe of the left foot. It reminds me that my feet really don’t like running in shoes.

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